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Looking for GMs for CanGames 2018, May 18-20

CanGames 2018 Theme T-shirt, pursuing the future

2018 Theme: Pursuing the Future

We offer a full suite of games with RPGs, Miniatures, Board Games in all genres. We even have a special set of games for children 8-12 yrs offered on Saturday.

Most games are 4 hours and we are organized in 3 daily time slots,09h-13h, 14h-18h, and 19h-23h.

GMs can enter their games and preferences in the following links:

We are always looking for new game masters and new games. If you would like to run one or more games at CanGames next year, please drop us an email at Thanks in advance!

CanGames is every May long weekend.

How to get here:

If you would like to sponsor a game, a tournament, or provide a door prize, our attendees and CanGames will greatly appreciate it and we will list these in the con booklet. Contact

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